Your new adventure awaits!

Open Up Games

The world of the Stack Kingdom runs on powerful magic from the Three Mountains surrounding Citadel City. By tradition, new Adventurers start their apprenticeship in the Guild spending a day with a traveling wizard from the mountain nearest their village of origin. And as we all know, wizards always travel in threes.

Be ye warned: magic itself changes along with the rest of the world of the Stack Kingdom.

First Chapters Coming Sprint 2023

Back Story

We started weaving the tale of this magical folk kingdom to introduce Red Hatters (new and long-tenured alike) to the wider world of Open Source Software. Our goal is to explain:

  • How open source communities work
  • Why this matters to you, even if you're not an engineer and have never participated in an open source project
  • How you could contribute to a project
  • How software stacks and technologies fit together, in easy-to-understand language

To inspire us, we asked everyone at RedHat for their best bug hunting stories that felt like going on an epic adventure. We've set up our software stack to produce an adventure game based on real stories of software adventures at work. Now all we have to do is not write any bugs into it.